Monday, September 28, 2009

With a Flourish 'DIY' Article

A year ago, I received an awesome opportunity to write monthly articles for Weddings in Winnipeg.  I do really enjoy writing, so writing about weddings has been a perfect match.  This month, my last regular article appears in Weddings in Winnipeg.  It's twofold for me:  I'm a little sad to stop writing articles, but excited that I have more time to develop my blog, newsletter, and other projects.

The last article is about DIY projects - as a coordinator, I help clients personalize their wedding, and DIY projects are a great way to do this.  I'm also there to gently let clients know when they are taking on too many projects, and help them to budget their time and money to get the most for their effort.  You can click here to read the article, or pick up a copy of Weddings in Winnipeg around the city.

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