Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary: Blue Earth Organics

Today I stopped by Blue Earth Organics for some orange juice.  I ended up leaving without orange juice (oops) and after a really good chat with Breanne, who owns the store.  Breanne isn't a "look at me" kind of person, so I'm taking it upon myself to say "look at her!"

Blue Earth Organics celebrates their second anniversary today.  They've spent the last two years providing Manitobans with local and organic food, and recently introduced an orange juicer (very fun for the kids to watch, by the way), and a yummy fair-trade gourmet coffee menu.

Since this is my blog and I can endorse whoever I want to, I will say that Blue Earth is my very favourite grocery store in Winnipeg.  I like the friendly atmosphere, and honestly, since it's not a huge store and I am still new at this organic food thing, I find it less intimidating than some of the bigger stores that have walls of overwhelming choices.

If you are looking for healthy groceries, a coffee to go, a salad and muffin for lunch, or a caterer, stop by Blue Earth at 1855 Portage Ave.

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