Sunday, November 1, 2009

Green Wedding by Mireya Navarro

It's safe to say that I've read just about every green wedding book that is published.  I like having books in my library that I can lend to clients, or keep for myself when I need some inspiration.  On a date with my husband last weekend, we were wandering through McNally Robinson and I saw the book Green Wedding by Mireya Navarro.  I'd seen the book online but not in person, so I flipped through it in the store.  Mireya Navarro is the environmental writer for the New York Times, and her writing about all environmental issues (not just weddings), is really interesting.  Green Wedding is well written, but the biggest difference between her book and previous eco-wedding books for me is the photography.  Beautiful pictures of eco-friendly weddings show up throughout the book, and I left McNally Robinson with some fun new ideas.  Her book proves that eco-friendly weddings do not have to be boring, or lacking in style...they can be gorgeous and full of fun and unique details.  This is most definitely the next wedding book I will be buying.  Check out the great reviews on Amazon here.

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