Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vintage Inspired Wedding Decor

During my search for items to use in the photo shoot, I knew that I really wanted a white table to go with the red and teal colour combo.  I asked family and friends, searched thrift stores, and came up with nothing.  Then, on the morning of the shoot I went to pick up flowers at Villa Flora, and asked to look through the basement.  I was looking for anything white, when Daria pulled out the vintage flower cart you see in the photos.  I really really want one of these for my house - they are so very cute.

This is my very last table from our photo shoot in October, and I'm really excited to post these photos (taken by blf Studios) - they're my favourite :)

Wedding Decoration

With a Flourish

Red and Teal wedding

Wedding Reception


teacup decor

Vintage Wedding

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Cheryl said...

Love the vintage flower cart, it could be used so many ways and look great. The red and teal photos are stunning. Great colour combination!