Tuesday, February 9, 2010

With a Flourish Q&A

I've received some really good questions over the past couple of weeks about With a Flourish, so I decided to answer a couple of them here.  Please let me know if you have any other questions about With a Flourish or weddings that I can answer on the blog!

The first question is from my good friend:

What exactly is a green wedding?
A green wedding really starts with a mindset.  It begins with a commitment to have a low-impact wedding that does not damage the environment or support low-wage work.  A green wedding can include things like having the ceremony and reception at the same venue, using tree-free stationery, serving a local menu, or wearing a dress made of organic materials.  Please visit the Green Bride Guide , Eco-Beautiful Weddings, or Eco Chic Weddings for more information.

The second question is from a wonderful client:

Have you had any horror stories?
We've had nothing terrible happen - all of our clients said "I do", which is the most important thing after all.  We have dealt with an ill officiant, crying flower girl, a faint groomsman, tipsy groomsmen, broken glass, rain, late vendors, cake mishaps, decor issues, etc. - that's our job!  Fortunately, we work with amazing venues, photographers, florists, decorators, videographers, bakers, caterers, etc. so when something does happen, everyone steps in to help the situation.

In a meeting last week:

What is your most popular package?
Last year, it was Full Coordination.  Many of our clients were living outside of Winnipeg, and looking for someone who could really keep things together in Winnipeg.  This year, it's a variety - we have some Day-Of Coordination's, some Event Styling (very, very fun if you are looking for decorating that reflects your personal style and story), and some Partial Planning.  Many clients are choosing Partial Planning because it's more economical than a Full Coordination, but still provides consistent support throughout the wedding planning process.

The following three questions are from my most loyal blog reader - thanks so much for checking every day!  I know I haven't posted very much lately, but I'm getting back into the groove, promise!

I noticed on your website you have lots of country-style decor photos.  Can you do formal?
Absolutely we can do, and have done formal decorating.  Our goal is to work with each couple and design a wedding that suits them.  Most of our clients don't simply classify their decor needs as "formal" - they are concentrating on celebrating with their family and friends, and looking for special details that reflect their personalities.  We ask our clients about their style, their story and history in order to put together an inspiration board that is personal.  Our style includes using unexpected decorations and special details, which applies to  "formal" and non-formal occasions!

Why weren't you at the wedding show this year?
We were at the 2009 wedding show, and we really enjoyed it.  We met many fantastic people, and were completely happy with our experience. This year, however, our business is sustained mainly by word-of-mouth and referrals.

How large is your team?
Our team mainly consists of two people: myself, and my co-planner, Adrienne.  We have unofficially been working in some capacity on events together for about four years, and plan to continue working together as the core of With a Flourish.  We bring on additional help as needed, but we are a boutique wedding planning company.  We take on a limited number of events so that we can provide attentive service and we absolutely love our jobs!  You can expect a couple of blog posts by Adrienne coming in the next few weeks.

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