Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fair Trade Coffee

A couple of days ago I was at Ten Thousand Villages, and I heard about a neat event they have coming up:  This coming Saturday, at Ten Thousand Villages 134 Plaza Drive in Winnipeg, Stacey Toews from Level Ground will be roasting coffee beans and answering questions.  Level Ground is a direct Fair Trade company located in British Columbia that sells coffee beans, dried fruit, etc.  The fruit that comes in Welcome, Tía gift boxes is from Level Ground.  The short definition of "direct Fair Trade" is that Level Ground works directly with producers rather than going through a middle man to get products.  For a better answer, stop by Ten Thousand Villages between 10 and 1 on Saturday to sample some coffee and talk with Stacey!

As an added bonus, Chrissy Troy from HOT 103.1 will be there as well:)

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