Thursday, March 11, 2010

Turquose Nails and a Good Week

This is an unplanned post, but I don't keep a journal because I'm so busy writing for this blog, so, internet, you get to hear about my week today.  Do you ever have weeks where things just fall into place?  I'm having one of those weeks, and here's a few of the things that I love about it:
  • A Fashion Show that I'm working on went from having 20 outfits to 60, and 0 models to 12.  It's going to be a great Show!
  • My 2 year old, Miles, had his last music class and he went from being the shy kid in class to being the first one to jump up to play Ring Around The Rosie.  Besides that, to celebrate his last class we took him to La Fiesta Cafecito for enchiladas:) 
  • I'm wearing turquoise nail polish.
  • An article I was interviewed for on the Weddingbells website was posted.  Read it here.
  • The Event Styling side of With a Flourish is growing.
  • I got to see Seirra Noble perform on Tuesday.  Granted, it was at a property managers conference and not the most exciting venue, but it still counts:)

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    Cheryl said...

    What a great week! Must be a great feeling to see everything that you've worked so hard on come together for the fashion show. I'm sure it'll be another great With a Flourish event.