Monday, March 15, 2010

Fort Garry Hotel

A couple of weeks ago, Adrienne and I went to the Fort Garry Hotel for a tour.  I met Mr. Gordon Krebs at an event before Christmas, and he offered to show us the new ballroom at the Hotel.  Of course, I took him up on the invitation.  The Fort Garry is one of few historic wedding venues in Winnipeg, and its beautiful architecture and ornate decor are perfect for a high style event.  I love the tall ceilings, huge chandeliers, and large windows.

The Hotel has recently undergone a renovation, which implements new technology but remains true to the historical feel of the building.  And Ten Spa, which offers luxurious spa treatments is a destination on its own.  Treat yourself to a facial, a massage or a manicure/pedicure leading up to the wedding.

If you are looking for a wedding venue, a spa, or a wedding night getaway (apparently, brunch is delicious as well), consider the Fort Garry Hotel.

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Cheryl said...

Thanks to my wonderful family, I got to experience the Sunday brunch at the hotel. The food, service and ambiance were all amazing!