Wednesday, March 24, 2010

King Cole Catering & Domain Community Hall

Yesterday, myself and two other wedding planners went out to Domain.  We were invited  for lunch and a tour of the Domain Community Hall by Vernon Cole of King Cole catering.  If the words "community hall" bring to mind images of a square, unattractive building, you should really check out the Domain Community Hall. The stone and wood exterior are a great first impression for your guests, and the venue includes windows that let in natural light, a patio, and neutral colours inside.

One of many perks of being a wedding planner is the fantastic food that we get to eat (although the food is usually cold by the time I get around to eating it).  King Cole Catering was no exception, and best yet I got to eat while the food was warm:).  We enjoyed a salad with pears and Parmesan cheese, stuffed pork chops and a creme brulee that was delightfully smooth.  It was excellent, and if you are looking for a caterer, King Cole is not exclusive to the Community Hall - they are able to come out to your wedding venue.

You can view the menu and contact King Cole Catering here.

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