Friday, April 9, 2010

Sponsored Weddings in Winnipeg

I'm really excited today.  I've worked four really long days this week, woken up in the night thinking about work, and not seen enough of my really cute son and really cute husband.  So today, I'm off at noon.  If you need me I'll be at the park near my place:)  I'm also designing a promo table for an upcoming event, with a vintage theme (no surprise, I know), which definitely counts as play and not work.

Also, if you are planning a wedding or know someone who is, I have space for one, maybe two more weddings in July, and August is pretty open.  Please spread the word!  Thanks.  Onto todays post...

An article came out in the Winnipeg Free Press on Tuesday, about Lynzie Causton and Kyle Friesen who have an interesting approach to paying for their wedding.  Instead of having a social, cutting down on the size of the guest list, putting off the wedding until they can afford it or even taking out a loan, they are asking vendors to sponsor their wedding.  From what I can see, this means listing vendors on their wedding website, and promoting vendors at the wedding itself.

This isn't a new concept - couples have been having sponsored weddings for a few years now and wedding businesses are divided between thinking it's a brilliant idea and being horrified by the thought of doing a wedding for nothing but a listing on a wedding website.  I have done wedding planning for free, and I do event management for free for organizations that are close to my heart and/or good for my business, but I can't imagine that doing a sponsored wedding has any return on investment at all.

So... I don't know about sponsored weddings.  What do you think?  Are these couples really creative or just tacky?  Would you consider a sponsored wedding? Why or why not?

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