Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Weddings in Point Form

This is a good day to come out of my non-writing streak and get back into it.  With a Green Fashion Show and a family wedding in the past week, blogging has been about 200th on my priority list.  The good news is that I have lots to blog about over the next couple weeks!

With a Flourish has a niche market in eco-friendly weddings.  We're all about helping clients have a super stylish wedding that also has a low impact on the environment.  Here's a point form list of things you can do to green your wedding:

Dress - Adele Wechsler is Canada's leading eco-friendly gown designer.  Her work is beautiful.  The Cotton Bride carries a few of my favourite dresses in the world, and their collection is handmade in the USA.

Invitations - Look for paper made with Post-Consumer Waste (meaning, made from paper that has already gone through the system).  One of my favourite places for wedding invitations is Botanical Paperworks, which embeds seeds in their paper so guests can plant their invitations and flowers will grow.  Also, consider printing on a flat panel card to minimize waste, or going without an outer envelope.

Flowers - Look for locally grown flowers, or organic flowers.  The Friendly Florist recently provided flowers for an event I coordinated - and every flower used came from Manitoba.  In the middle of April.  We had gerbera's, tulips and daisies, all grown close to home.

Drinks - Organic and Fair Trade wines are popping up at the MLCC and they are really good!  The MLCC currently has them grouped together and when I was in, the staff were really knowledgable about what to try.

Food - Look for caterers that use local ingredients.  Food tastes better in season, and it really reduces your weddings carbon footprint by having the food produced close to home.

Companies are slowly going green, and one of the most influential things you as a bride can do is ask for eco-friendly services.  It lets wedding businesses know that, if they were to provide more eco-friendly services, there would be interested brides to purchase from them.

Happy Earth Day!

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