Thursday, May 27, 2010

4 Ways to Decorate Votive Candles

I have these pretty votive candles through Welcome Tia.  They are locally made from beeswax, and they smell and look great.  However, I've come up with a few ideas to decorate votives, if you want to them into something extra special or bring in your wedding colours/theme.

A doily wrapped around the candle would look great at a vintage-inspired wedding or bridal shower:

Use candlesticks to add height.  I'm always a bit nervous to use taper candles with little ones around, but placing a votive on top of a candle holder is elegant and safer:

Incoroporate your colours by tying string around the candle:

Or get your glue gun out and add cinamon sticks to the votive.  Bonus - it smells fantastic:

Happy Thursday!

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Family, Money and Stuff said...

Hi Jess! I love this! I'm a huge fan of this kind of post '4 ways to...' or '10 things you can do to...' etc. :) I love the string one. Inexpensive, eye-catching, re-using, and it's got that look - what's the word ... earthy? ethnic? I don't know, but I like it :)