Monday, June 7, 2010

Delegating & Day-Of Coordination

Wedding season is here and congratulations to everyone getting married this summer!  The planning, searching, decisions and stress are almost over and soon you'll be celebrating your marriage with friends and family.

Now is a good time to consider how the flow of your wedding day will look.  It might be helpful to make a list with your timeline, the things that need to happen, and who will do those things.  For example, let's say pictures are at 2:00, the ceremony is at 4:00, and dinner is across the city at 6:00.  You're busy all day, enjoying the day.  Repeat that in your head, and make note: do not schedule yourself to pick up the flowers, put out the favours, or direct the linen company.  This is your wedding day, enjoy it.  Beside each time slot, write down what needs to happen at that time.  For example, a corsage needs to go to each Grandma before the ceremony starts.  Then, beside each task write down the person's name that will take care of the task.  So, who will hand out the corsages?  A cousin? A friend?  Write down their name, double-check that they're alright with their task, and then don't think about it again - that's the art of delegating.  Do this with every task on your timeline.  Who will transport the floral arrangements from the church to the reception?  Who will light candles before dinner?  Who will make sure the presentation basket is put in a safe place?  Who will take down the decor at the church when the ceremony is over?  Who will set up your slideshow, find space for extra guests, make sure the videographer has an electrical outlet, be sure the cake is in the right place (and the cake cutting utensils are on the same table), help guests find their seats, decorate the reception, put out the favours and make sure you have a chance to taste your own hors d'oeurve?.  Not you.  You have enough to do on your wedding day (like get married, mingle with guests, dance and celebrate)!

Think of a few people you can delegate tasks to for the wedding day.  Choose responsible people that you trust, and ask them in advance.  If you don't like the idea of having your friends and family working on your wedding day, or there are a lot of logistics to take care of, use a Day-Of Coordinator.  They will take care of everything above and more.

Again, happy wedding to everyone getting married this Summer!  You're almost there!

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