Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thank You Gifts

5 bags ready to go! 

The latest Welcome, Tia gift bags were given as thank-you gifts from a bride to people who helped out on her wedding day.  For one of the bags, the pre-packaged gift set wasn't quite right, so we ended up giving a "tea" bag, which included a mug, three packages of tea, and a tea infuser.  It was fun for me to go out and find just the right products for a customized bag.  If giving gifts is something you've left until just before the wedding and you need a bit of help finding the perfect items, just give me a call.  The best thing is that for every gift bag Welcome, Tia sells, Osborne House gets a gift for a woman there!  I'm so, so close to sending in the first big donation, and I'll post photos once the bags are ready.

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