Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crafty Thursday - Pinwheel Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I got to set up a little With a Flourish display table at an event I coordinated.  Inspired by the gorgeous Spring weather we were having, my theme was a little bit "vintage picnic."  I thought I'd write about the pinwheels I made for the table.

This is my first craft tutorial, so please be patient - I'm going to try to blog tutorials every once in a while, and hopefully they'll get better over time :)  Anyways, I used these pinwheels in the place of flowers in one of the vases on my table, but they would also be great hanging behind a dessert table at a bridal shower, or creatively displayed as place cards by attaching a name to the pinwheel and putting it on a place setting.  I used pages from an old hymn book because I wanted slightly yellowed pages and music notes, but pages from an old book or dictionary would work great as well.

Here's my little table with hymn book pinwheels in the middle (please excuse my poor photography skills):

With a Flourish Pinwheels

First, cut three pages to the same size, and fold each page like an accordian:

Close the accordian and fold each page in half.

Glue along the fold and attach the two sides:

Glue along the outside edges of each piece and stick all three pieces together:

Then, attach the pinwheels to whatever you want!  I glued mine to a ribbon, and I think I'll make a longer ribbon and hang it across the wall for the next birthday party we have around here.

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