Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eco-Friendly Invites

The National Stationery Show is going on this week, and I've got paper on my mind.  When you're searching for stationery, here's a few terms to watch for:

Recycled content means a percentage of the paper is recycled (this can be as little as 10%, and as high as 100%)
Post-consumer waste is made from paper that has already been used, and has now been made into paper again.
Cotton paper is made from cotton, often from small pieces of cotton leftover in manufacturing.  The paper is usually thicker than regular paper, and very luxurious feeling.
FSC-certified paper comes from sustainable forests, and effort is made to lessen the environmentally impact and plant new trees.

As for printing, just as "recycled content" is often the bare minimum in eco-friendly paper options, "non-toxic" ink is the minimum in printing methods.  Veggie or soy based inks are best.

I have a few favourite paper companies:

Botanical Paperworks is a Winnipeg company that embeds seeds in their paper so when you're done with the paper you can plant it, and it will grow wildflowers!  Their paper is either 100% post-consumer waste or cotton.  The paper looks and feels great, and they also offer favours and gifts including seed packets and journals with plantable covers.

Kate & Birdie is also located in Winnipeg, and sells cards and stationery printed on recycled paper.

Earthly Affair, a US company, sells gorgeous wedding invitations that are made from post-consumer waste paper, or cotton paper.

Any other tips for picking eco-friendly stationery?

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