Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nicole & Andy - Winnipeg Wedding Decor & Flowers

Andy is my husband's brother, and Nicole is my new (obviously) and much-loved sister-in-law.  Nicole and Andy were married in Winnipeg, and planned the wedding long distance from Ottawa.  The weather was perfect and they luckily got to do mid-April photos outside, with no snow.  Nicole is very creative and the colours and decorations that she picked for the wedding were simple and beautiful.  Adrienne and I put together the flowers the day before the wedding, and had a great time making the bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres.

All pictures are from Erynn Vermette Photography:

Nicole wanted a simple calla lily bouquet.  Her bridesmaids each had smaller versions of this bouquet:

The flowers were all white.  The centerpieces were white tulips in vases with river rocks:

Adrienne, signing the guest book.  She has the best ever collection of teal/turquoise/blue pashminas:

I love birds.  The table numbers were really cute:

Nicole and Andy moved back to Winnipeg just before the wedding, and it's nice to have the whole family in the same city again.  As the last of four weddings in the family, theirs was particularly special.  One of my favourite moments was having the whole family dancing to "Son of a Preacher Man" (my husband's dad is a pastor and it's a bit of a family song).  It's quite the feat to get everyone dancing in the first place :)

And, because I can't write about her wedding without plugging her creativity:  Nicole is a super talented communications/advertising/writing person, with experience in Ottawa and Winnipeg.  She designs ads and brochures for With a Flourish, and also designed, created and wrote my entire first website (a good chunk of the text is still within the site as it is now).  If you're reading this and need a fantastic ad, brochure, etc., Nicole's your girl.  Contact me and I'll put you in touch with her.

Congratulations Nicole and Andy and thanks for letting us help with the flowers!  It was a wonderful wedding.


nicole.shanowsky said...

It's so nice to look over this blog post and relive some of the best moments of the day. A huge thanks to Jess and Adrienne for all their hard work and stylistic expertise. I would have been lost without you!

Lots of love - Nicole

Jess said...

Thanks Nicole :)

Anonymous said...