Thursday, October 7, 2010

Elkhorn Resort

Back in August, a few wedding planners, photographers, and a florist were treated to a night at Elkhorn Resort.  During the afternoon, we had a guided tour to the many areas of the resort and saw some sample wedding tables.  We rode in a limo (my first time riding in a limo since I was a flower girl when I was 5!), and our wonderful tour guide showed us some of the beautiful places to get married in Clear Lake.  At the resort there is a restaurant, lounge, pool, spa, stables, and a golf course.

If you are looking for a lake wedding location, or a destination wedding that is not too far away, Elkhorn is a great place to consider.  It's just so calming to be out of the city for a couple of days.  The banquet room is nice, and the rooms are recently renovated and have balconies.  Of course, the cabins are also available.  This was my first time ever alone in a hotel room, and it was great!  My room had a king sized bed and a nice couch.  It also had a tv, which doesn't seem that exciting but since we don't have a tv at home I never channel surf, especially by myself.  I ended up watching Property Hunters or something like that until 3am (maybe it's a good thing we don't have a tv at home...)!

Sorry, no photos this time...I need to get in the habit of taking my camera everywhere.  Please check out their website for more details and pictures!

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