Friday, October 15, 2010

Today My Baby is Three

At three years old, my baby tells me he's now "big" and not a baby anymore.  I guess he's right, but the last three years have just flown by.  Miles likes music, maps and cars, and he's very interested in how thing work.  We spent part of this morning watching videos about engines, and he can explain to you how cavitation works.  He can recognize cars faster than I can, and he can find Hungary on the map faster than I can.  He's a smart little guy.  He says his favourite colour is yellow.

I overheard this conversation a while ago:
Sam (my husband): Miles, you're my favourite son.
Miles: You're my favourite moon.

He makes me laugh a hundred times a day.  He speaks pretty good Spanish, and loves to do everything his dad does.  Miles likes weddings (going to them and talking about my work).  He is cheerful and smart and I know that I am very blessed to have such a neat little guy in my life.

He's 3 going on 73 in his grandpa loafers and pj's: 

Holding a snake in Pinawa:

Hanging out in Gimli:

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Cheryl said...

We are very blessed to have Miles in our lives. I love the "grandpa" picture!