Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm moving to Bolivia (for a year)

Well, I've been looking forward to this post for quite a while!  Sometime in 2011 (hopefully Spring), my family will be heading to Santa Cruz, Bolivia and staying for about a year.  The details aren't worked out yet, but we're far enough into the process that I can confidently say that we're going:)

Current clients, and any that we take on for next year are working with Adrienne, who has been with With a Flourish since before the beginning.  She'll be blogging and keeping everything running smoothly while I'm away.  I'll still be on the blog, facebook and twitter, thanks to the wonderful powers of the internet and instant communication.  I'll be back sometime in 2012.

Please note that it will remain business as usual over here.  We're still taking on winter and 2011 clients.  We're still learning, growing and developing new ideas to serve our couples.  We'll still be styling and planning our little hearts out, from two different locations.  Adrienne is the perfect person to continue running With a Flourish - she's super friendly, incredibly helpful and organized.  If you haven't already met her, give us a call! You'll love working with her :)

In Bolivia, my family will be working in two main capacities (that we know of right now) - one is at a home that helps guys transition from a rough childhood to becoming responsible adults, and the other is a centre that helps people who are living in rough circumstances to learn useful skills and crafts, and even set up businesses at the market.  We're very, very excited.  My husband and I have always wanted to travel together, and we've been talking about doing something like this for a long time.  Our three-year-old son, Miles, is at a perfect age to get involved in the adventure and he tells me he's very excited to go on the airplane.

As always, thank you for reading, and for your support in my life and business.  I'll still be blogging and working until we leave, and as I wrote above, With a Flourish will continue while I'm away.  I just wanted to keep you all up to date as soon as I could.



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