Wednesday, November 3, 2010

With a Flourish in a nutshell

Happy November everyone!  This is a busy kind of month for me - I have a fantastic personal announcement coming up next week (no, not a baby), and besides starting on wedding work for next Summer I'm a stay-at-home mom this month.

I thought, given winter weddings and events are coming up, I'd write up a quick summary of how With a Flourish can help you organize a stylish and stress-free event:

Styling.  We style weddings, dinners, galas, fundraisers, holiday parties, birthday parties, etc.  We'd love to hear about any kind of event that can possibly be designed. Styling includes brainstorming, sourcing materials and vendors, making decor when necessary, and set up and tear down on the event day.  Styling includes anything that has to do with the atmosphere of the event - decor, flowers, lighting, food, entertainment, etc.  Please find more on Styling here.

Planning.  We plan the same kinds of events we style.  When we're hired to plan an event, we create a timeline and budget, and help clients stick to them.  We recommend vendors that fit into the budget and goals of the event, and we help with all logistics throughout the process.  We take the stress off your shoulders, and provide professional guidance throughout the process.  Usually, we offer Complete Planning Services, where we help from beginning to end.  We also provide Day-Of Coordinations, where we meet with you before the event, go through the timeline and ensure everything is on track.  Then we come on the event day and direct set up and tear down, assist vendors, and make sure everything runs smoothly.  For more information, please click here.

We'd love to help you plan or style or your next event.  Please contact us to set up a complimentary consultation!

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