Thursday, October 28, 2010

Get Gifts + Do Good

Registering for wedding gifts is one of the fun and kind of stressful parts of planning a wedding.  If you go to a big store, the gun that scans the barcode is pretty cool to use, but debating cream or ivory dinner plates with your soon-to-be spouse can get a bit tiring :)

To do good while receiving gifts, consider registering at Ten Thousand Villages.  They have a beautiful assortment of serving dishes, dinnerware, tablecloths, decor, furniture, etc. and the best part is all products are handmade by artisans that are receiving fair pay for their work.  Winnipeg has two locations - on Henderson Highway in Northdale Shopping Centre and at Winnipeg Plaza off of Pembina.  There are also locations in Altona, Brandon, Steinbach and Winkler.


Liz Duerksen said...

This is a wonderful idea, Jess. And Ten Thousand Villages has many beautiful and really unique items. I've been shopping at the one off Pembina (near Bishop) for years. My daughters and I always do at least one Christmas shop there.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, Wish we had thought of it for our wedding :) I will definitely suggest this idea to future brides. :)


Jess Ehlers said...

Thanks! Char, I wish we'd thought of it too...that and the blue dinner plates are reasons couples should get to re-register after five or ten years!