Sunday, December 19, 2010

Green Gift #6 - Kal Barteski's Art

Happy Monday!  My ten posts of green gifts is lagging a bit, but I'll continue posting until they're finished.  I know it's probably too late to get most of these gifts in time for Christmas, but they're all great items that will still be available after Christmas.

Today's fabulous gift: artwork by Kal Barteski.

Winnipeg artist Kal Barteski somehow manages to find time to create beautiful art, take care of her family (including two daughters and two dogs) and write a daily blog.  [i] love life is a great read for the creative or anyone in need of inspiration, and Kal's self-declared "bulletproof positive attitude" wears off on readers. Her artwork includes paintings, tiny art, hello baby books (the most stylish baby book you will ever find), and these fantastic mini-bus rolls (left) with beautiful messages.  You can find her Art + Giving Guide here.  Enjoy!

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