Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Busy Season

This is the time of year that feels even more crazy for me than the middle of Summer.  This is when loose ends are being tied up, or being left a little longer than I'd like.  It's when details are halfway finalized, when projects are getting underway and when I stay up thinking about whether crochet or lace overlays would look best.

And it's not just me.  Brides that were cheerful and full of ideas in January look tired and overwhelmed.  As much as I'd love to take every stress away - family troubles, final design decisions, vendor logistics...I can't do that.  And as much as brides agree with me that the most important thing is marrying the love of their life...the details of the wedding can be tedious and frustrating.

And so, I urge you brides to climb out from under the mountain of DIY, close your wedding binder, ignore your email and go out.  Go on a date, out with your friends, or go do something you enjoy by yourself.  Don't think about the wedding, don't talk about the wedding, just for a day.  Then, when you feel rested, go back to the planning...but don't do it all yourself.  Delegate jobs to your wedding party, family and fiance.  Let go of a bit of the control, and you will let go of a lot of the stress.  You don't need to hand address 100 invitations by yourself, run around picking everything up, or make all your centrepieces. 

The busy season always passes.  In another month or two it gets replaced by final details, watching everything come together, and the beginning of the celebration...for me and for you.



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