Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tea Party

One snowy day in May, Adrienne and I had a cheerful little photo shoot.  We really needed updated pictures of ourselves for the website, and we'd been talking about a photo shoot for a very long time.  Adrienne put together this wonderful little tea party and we had a great time getting prettied up and having our pictures taken.

The photos were taken by our sister-in-law, Nicole (Adrienne and I are sisters-in-law, in case you didn't know)...I have a third talented sister-in-law who you'll meet sometime soon.  By the way, what's the shorthand for sister-in-law, because oh dear it's a long phrase to write over and over? SIL?

Anyway, Nicole is a talented graphic designer, writer, photographer, and basically anything else creative, and she very kindly took our pictures.  She has a website coming soon, but if you are looking for anything please contact me and I'll put you through to her.  I have to say that as we are, ahem, amatuer models, Nicole did a great job of staging each shot and knowing what would look best on camera, which we really appreciate!  Sometimes the most natural poses in person look weird on camera, and the poses that feel a bit awkward and posed look more natural on camera.  It was wonderful to have Nicole stage each picture perfectly.

In case you wonder what Adrienne and I do in our free time together, drinking tea and chatting is pretty much our thing (but usually in jeans), so the tea party was really appropriate :) 

Here's my favourite shot:

With a Flourish Cupcakes

Of course there was some laughter...should the flowers be here or 5mm to the left? The life of a designer:

With a Flourish Two for Tea

The lovely Adrienne:

With a Flourish Adrienne Ehlers

And me (Jess):

With a Flourish Jessica Ehlers

Happy Thursday!

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Cheryl said...

Very nice pictures! Nicole did a fantastic job.