Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Real Green Weddings

In our second installment of Real Green Wedding ideas from our past couples, let's take a look at Paige and Kevin's wedding from last year:

Paige and Kevin, who were living in Dauphin, had their wedding at Pineridge Hollow.  Having both the ceremony and reception at one place can save hundreds of miles of fuel being used by your wedding guests to get from the ceremony to the reception. 

Photos are from the amazing blf studios:

Paige and Kevin kept the decor organic and simple.  Centrepieces were green apples in simple white bowls, and with accents of lavender, the room looked lovely.  As guests left the reception, we packaged the apples in kraft paper bags and gave them away for the ride home.  Giving away your centrepieces is a great way to give a little gift to your guests, and ensured that Paige and Kevin didn't need to take home hundreds of apples!

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