Thursday, August 11, 2011

3 Years Later

Today marks three years since With a Flourish launched.  The date really means nothing except a number on a business license, but I'm in the party planning business!  It's a day to celebrate.

Over the past three years, we have done some pretty neat stuff.  Each wedding we refine our style, our services, and our approach to weddings.  We've worked on some high profile events, and beautifully intimate weddings.  We've done everything from style and plan with little direction to assist only on the wedding day.  After every event I go home exhausted and thrilled that I have a job I love.

Our personal lives have changed as well.  Miles, my son, was a newborn when I took my wedding planning certification.  Now, he's an almost four year old incredibly funny...little boy.  My family moved to Bolivia for a year.  Adrienne got married and bought a house that she's busy decorating to perfection.  I know you may not care about our personal lives, but I do believe that every experience we've had makes us better people, business women, designers and planners.  It's all connected.

Going into our fourth year we have some amazing things in store.  We're currently going through every aspect of our business from first glance of the website until after the wedding is over, to update and improve the way we serve you.  I'm excited, and like always, I can't wait to see what next year will bring!

Happy Thursday!


From The Heart Online said...

You're right. It is all connected. I absolutely enjoy your 'personal life' entries :))

Jess Ehlers said...

Thanks Kim! And thanks for your kind comments :)