Thursday, February 16, 2012

One-Month Challenge!

I'm a couple days late in posting this, but the Fair Trade Manitoba one-month challenge started on Valentine's Day.  It's a challenge to consume only fair trade certified coffee, tea and chocolate from February 14-March 14.  I took part in the challenge the past two years, and found it really useful.  Even though I usually purchase these items fair trade for at home, when I was out for dinner I'd often have coffee without thinking of where it was coming from, and if I was craving a fancy coffee I honestly used to stop at the closest coffee shop without thinking of fair trade.  

If you're thinking about taking part in the challenge, here's a few places you might want to check out:

Ten Thousand Villages carries fair trade tea, coffee and chocolate, and it is all delicious.  They also carry dried fruit that I love (the mangoes are my favourite).

Green Bean Coffee Imports can be found at Vita Health and other stores across the city. 

If you're going out for coffee, Second Cup has fair trade certified, so does the Fyxx, and you can even get a fair trade cup of coffee at Robin's Donuts.

Is anyone else taking part in the challenge?  Do you have any other ideas of great places to get a fair trade cup of coffee in Winnipeg?

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