Saturday, December 6, 2008

A little bit of Holiday Giving (back)

When I took a wedding course last year, we were repeatedly encouraged to give back to our communities. The idea of giving back resonates with who I am and how I want With a Flourish to be operated, and so written in to my business plan is the following: "I will offer a flower donation program to clients and extend it to others when my schedule allows, and I will donate my time to plan at least one wedding per year for someone who legitimately needs the help of a wedding planner but cannot afford one." You can read about the flower donation program here, and read the rest of this post for information on how to give someone the services of a wedding coordinator.

When With a Flourish started, I decided not to give promotions or discounts. I didn't want to encourage the "coupon culture" in which we live, and I wanted to be fair to each client. I wanted to help people who couldn't afford a wedding planner, not just people who were lucky enough to click on my webpage while a discount was being offered but could easily pay the full price. So, I've committed to plan a wedding at least once a year for someone who needs the help of a coordinator.

Here's how it works. You write me an email (, or call me (204.801.4079) to nominate anyone you know who is planning a wedding or event and needs my help. I'd like to know about this couple: who are they, what's something neat about them, why do they need a coordinator and why can't they hire one themselves. Common reasons include: just moved to Winnipeg, lost a job, family tragedy, family far away, etc. I will choose one nomination by December 23rd, so your Christmas gift to the person you nominate can be a wedding planner!

I won't jump out of a cake or stand on their front yard with a megaphone to surprise the winner, but I will guarantee a comprehensive package, and treat them as I would a paying client. They can choose between a Month-Of or several Full-Coordination packages. I'm looking forward to hearing from you, and meeting my newest clients!

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