Monday, August 13, 2012

Music Monday: My wedding songs Part 1

Happy Music Monday! My husband and I are celebrating our seventh anniversary this month (a week from today, in fact) so the next few Music Mondays are going to be some of the songs we were listening to around our wedding. 

Sam and I met back in the days of MSN (does anyone use msn anymore?) and before we started dating he told me that he could never be with someone who was a vegetarian or liked country music. Somehow, three years later, he ended up with Keith Urban music at his wedding, and now, an entire decade after that conversation, he's a vegetarian! Never say never, I suppose... 

I can fully admit that this was my contribution to our wedding music, and it was the one we used as the recessional.  My husband walked in to a heavy metal song with beautiful words that nobody can understand, and I would consider that his wedding song...and the thing I loved about our wedding (and us) is that we have totally different tastes in many things that coexist happily and kind of strangely in our life (it's a bit odd to be listening to a playlist and have it jump from Norah Jones to Norma Jean to John Mellencamp). For our wedding, we also included a song which we both agreed on and loved, and it will be on this blog in two weeks (and it's a country song as well).

But for now, enjoy a little bit of Keith Urban and Somebody Like You:

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Cheryl said...

Everytime I hear this song it makes me smile because it reminds me of your beautiful wedding.