Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Receiving real mail & plantable cards

I'm waiting for my new business cards to arrive, and it's the time of day that the mailman usually comes, so I'm writing this post while looking out the window with anticipation...it's so rare that I get mail, even bills don't really matter anymore because I get them online long before they get mailed to me.  So I've been thinking, is there anything better than receiving real mail?  Not just business cards, of course, but handwritten letters?  

I'm trying to be better at mailing letters, and I think it helps to have cards around the house that I actually want to write in and share.  I like to buy box sets from Botanical Paperworks, that can fit for all occasions so that whenever I'm particularly motivated to write, I have everything I need.  I LOVE the designs and seed paper from Botanical Paperworks, but I used to have issues with writing over the seeds - my writing could look really wonky.  Since then, I've perfected the method and learned that using a nice, smooth writing pen helps a lot, but on days when I don't have my favourite smooth writing pen (I'm very particular about pens, by the way), I write on a slip of paper and slide it inside the card.  I recently learned that someone I had mailed a card to had taken my paper out, and written on their own paper, slid it inside the card and mailed it to another friend.  It was neat to hear that this little card has been shared more than once, and when it can't be passed on anymore, the last recipient can plant it and it will grow beautiful wildflowers!  Check out Botanical Paperworks for more beautiful cards.

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