Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adrienne & Dan - May 2009

Yes, you read right...this wedding was in May, 2009.  Adrienne and Dan's wedding was on a beautiful and windy May day and full of personal and unique touches.  After the wedding,  I asked Adrienne if she would write a blog post about the wedding.  Time went by.  She wrote a blog post and it sat in my inbox...and more time went by.  So now here we are, nearly a year after the wedding, and here is the long-awaited post, from Adrienne!

For over a year now Jess has been asking me if I would like to write for her blog. Why such procrastination? Well I suppose that the task seemed daunting, I mean really, where are you supposed to start?

After having some time to think it over I have decided to write a little bit about my
wedding and just a few of the things that made our day unique, memorable and very special.

When I was planning our wedding I was inspired by the idea of an old fashioned lemonade stand. The idea evolved into a more vintage, chic italian soda bar. The result was wonderful!
I was pleasantly surprised at how many different flavours of syrup were available. From fruit to nut, irish cream to white chocolate and everything in between I'm convinced there is a flavour to quench anyone's thirst! Fruity flavours were on the menu for our day complete with a old fashioned chalk board guide to which different flavours were being offered. The mixologist gave me a list of different syrup mixes that were most popular and suggested using frozen berries or fresh sprigs of mint as a garnish.
An italian soda stand would be great for an outdoor, summer wedding especially if your ceremony and reception are being held at the same location with some lounging time in between.

Beautiful, unique tea cups adorned the reception tables to add a little bit of old world charm. When I first had the idea to use tea cups my thought was "where am I going to find all those cups?" I quickly found out that there are many people who had a stash of them hidden away, and were more than happy to let lend their collection out. If this is in idea you're thinking of for your wedding I suggest asking older family members, or their friends. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find!

Although I didn't wear anything old for my wedding I still wanted to have pieces of old family memorabilia around. Old wedding photographs of our grandparents and great grandparents and even my Grandma's wedding veil were displayed at our wedding. It was an easy way to incorporate some family history and a special way to honour those people. For our italian soda stand we used an old, restored buffet from my parents house. It served its purpose beautifully.

I will always love that our wedding was tailored to capture who we were. That's what a wedding should be. A day for other people to join and celebrate your love and what makes you guys you! So make your day your own, a one of a kind celebration. Our day was perfect for us. I couldn't have asked for more!

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